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O.TWO.O eyes makeup include many series, such as eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil. O.TWO.O Eyes Makeup products include: Eyebrow Pen, Eyebrow Cream, Eyebrow Gel, Cushion Eyebrow Powder, Long Wear Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeliner Gel, Eyeshadow etc. 

As a mature cosmetics manufacturer, O.TWO.O provides top-quality and cost-effective eye cosmetics, and we provide OEM/ODM service. We are an ODM/OEM Eye Makeup Manufacturer with some of the best research teams in the beauty business. Our Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf products come dressed to impressed. Whether it is our quality services and customization or award-winning research and product development, O.TWO.O Cosmetics has got you covered. We have the widest selection of eye beauty products, contact us for catalogue.

Professional wholesale eye makeup products for your beauty supply needs. O.TWO.O wholesale eye makeup is available for sale at affordable prices. We provide you with a wide variety of eye makeup products for purchase in different ranges and various sizes. A luxury brand of eye makeup manufactured by up-and-coming, young industry professionals. O.TWO.O eye makeup products are all exceptional in quality, design, and name, O.TWO.O products shine with a retro-chic aura and timeless beauty. As the world's top wholesale eye makeup manufacturer, O.TWO.O has been providing makeup services in many countries.  We are here for all your business needs and questions. Please feel free to contact us on your queries and we will get back within 24 hours.

Eye makeup is made to make the eyes look noticeable and attractive. Feminine and beautiful. O.TWO.O's eye makeup brings out your customer's best. From eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara to eyebrow – O.TWO.O products perfectly accentuate the glamour of the eye. O.TWO.O wholesale eye makeup is available for sale at affordable prices. Contact us to start your beauty business.

Eyes Makeup Products List


◎ Eye Shadow

◎ Eye Liner

◎ Mascara

◎ Custom Products

O.TWO.O Eyes Makeup Advantage

1.Intense pigment,smooth application for you to play with the colors.

2.Multi-colors for you to pick, perfect for all kinds of occasions.

3.Waterproof and long lasting for whole day.

4.It is cruelty-free, never test products on animals.

5.Own MSDS, GMP certificate, etc. Also own professional makeup factory with strict QC.

6.One stop OEM/ODM solutions, warmly welcomed for customizing your own brand.

7.sample trail is available before a big custom order.

Flexible Solutions for Your Goal

Startup Business

Startup Business


White label with the tested and proven products. Popular for ecommerce, influencer and startup business and so on.Suitable for brand owners, growing and mega businesses who want to start a new product line with indepth customizatin abilities.Available for growing and mega-businesses who want to start a new product line with indepth customizatin abilities.

◆ Time & cost savings for building a brand

◆ Thousands of proven formula options

◆ Various package models to choose from

◆ Sample with your brand logo & label

◆ Formula customization & development

◆ Package design with consultant

◆ Exclusive sample with your design

◆ Formula certification assistance

◆ Low minimum order quantity

◆ Free sample ready to ship

◆ Fast lead time within 3 days

◆ Sustainable and persistent supply chain

To make sure you hit the ground running without hassle, all-in-one solutions are provided to help your busy business thrive. Start A Project Now!

Eye Cosmetics Manufacturer and Wholesaler

O.TWO.O is one of professional the Eye Cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers in China. O.TWO.O specializes in manufacturing Eye Cosmetics and our products can be designed as per customer’s special request. Our Eye Cosmetics are all made in China, so you can rest assured to buy products from our factory and you can buy them at a cheap price from our factory. You can come to wholesale our high-quality products and we will consider a discount. For more information, contact us now.

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