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O.TWO.O has been working as a wholesale cosmetics manufacturer since 2013. We focus on OEM & ODM & eye makeup products, face makeup products, lips makeup products. Certified by ISO, and GMP, we create innovative products that shape the future of the beauty market. 


Until now, our makeup products have been hot selling to over 20 regions, with a reputation for high-end quality and the most competitive price. O.TWO.O will be your best cosmetics manufacturer partner in China.

Premium Face Cosmetics Series

O.TWO.O is a Chinese professional face makeup manufacturer which provding high quailty facial cosmetics. Our custom cosmetics are made with the highest quality ingredients and come in a range of colors, textures, and shades.  We now have highligher, blush, concealer, liquid foundation and foundation stick, you can choose your prefer one.

Highlights can add sparkle to your makeup and make you the most dazzling person in the crowd. Blush usually comes in shades of pink or peach, and it makes your skin look healthier, like it's naturally radiant. Concealer can cover your dark circles, acne marks, fine lines and all the blemishes you want to get rid of. Liquid foundation and stick foundation complement your complexion, conceal blemishes and conceal pores. Contact us right now for quotate and free samples. 

Face Makeup Turnkey Solution

We work closely with you as partners to bring your products from concept to completion with our one-stop, full-service solution. With our years of experience, we streamline the process and help eliminate the gaps in manufacturing that can lead to longer lead times. We support you through the entire process with our full turnkey solutions:

· Product & Concept Development

· Product Matching & Custom Formulation

· Packaging Development & Sourcing

· Custom Label & Branding Services

· Fill & Complete Assembly

· Full Service Manufacturing

· Safety & Quality Control

· Regulatory Assistance

· Product & Quality Testing

· Global Compliance & Evaluation

Great ideas deserve to be turned into quality products. Learn more about how we can support you. Contact us now!



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Support From O.TWO.O

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