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Makeup is something we all love. It gives us confidence and makes our faces look bolder and more happy. There are many ways to achieve a different makeup look. Many people overlook the most basic steps needed to highlight their contours and make them stand out in the crowd. Concealing is often overlooked when it comes to makeup, especially for contouring for beginners. These two steps can transform your look if they are done correctly. Although it may seem scary at first, if you do it right, your face will look more sculpted and sharp. Use contour highlighter 1. Use the Contour Highlighter to trace your nose's bridge and then smudge it to give your nose an even more dimensional, straighter look. 2. Highlight your lips with a highlighter. This will make them appear fuller and more pink. 3. Use a highlighter to the middle of your chin to create a small V-shaped effect. 4. Use the Contour Highlighter for eyes to give them a more defined and deeper look. Contour stick. We'll only mention a few reasons they are our favorite contouring method. They are great for beginners because they can go from tube to cheekbone in a matter of minutes. They are also ideal for mobile carving or travel. They take up much less space than a tube mascara and can be carried in your bag.
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