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Cushion foundation,Liquid coverage foundation,Stay matte foundation What is a cushion foundation? Cushion foundation is a 3-in-1 hybrid product that provides sun protection, foundation, as well as skin care products in one product. All this in a compact, portable, and easy-to-carry packaging. The sponge, also known as the "cushion", was born out of the desire to have a lightweight, liquid formula that could be carried easily. The idea was to create something other than the traditional compact cream foundation. However, the finish was too thick and heavy to achieve the desired effect. The cushion foundation is a continuation of the BB Cream trend. It was first introduced in Korea as a lightweight version. This makes it ideal for summer use (also because it can be reapplied to maintain good sun protection all day). Marketers soon realized that Koreans preferred compact cushions over BB creams due to their simplicity and natural glow.
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