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2 in 1 liquid lipstick,Matte lipstick,Matte liquid lipstick,Moisturizing lipstick,Satin lipstick,Super stay lipstick Matte lip glosses can be found in many shades and colors, just like regular glosses. The matte glosses are not sticky like regular lip glosses. They can be applied immediately and dry with a matte finish. Matte lip glosses are a nice alternative to regular glosses that feel sticky. Matte lip glosses are more durable than regular glosses and resist smudging. They also leave less colour residue on silverware, glasses and napkins. Users warn that some matte lip products (including lip glosses) can dry out the lips and cause flaking or peeling. Many matte gloss brands boast moisturizing properties. This is a major selling point for many users. Some users will apply a lip balm or similar product to counteract the drying effect. Even when using matte lip glosses, many people use a protective layer or moisturiser on their lips. Users of matte glosses complain that the shine fades in patches after long wear. Users also complain that the matte finish can catch the lines and ridges on the lips, which can cause wrinkles and cracks. These problems can be avoided by using lip balm, moisturiser, or another lip preparation before applying lipgloss.
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