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waterproof mascara,best waterproof mascara,maskara waterproof,smudge proof mascara,best smudge proof mascara,non waterproof mascara,no smudge mascara What is waterproof mascara? Waterproof mascara is a mascara that doesn't wash off easily in water. Carbon black or iron oxide are the basic ingredients of mascara. This pigment is used to darken the eyelashes. A polymer is then applied to the lashes to thicken the mascara. There are many oils that can be used, including mineral oil and oil, as well as castor oil, petroleum oil, oil or petrolatum, small candle wax, Brazilian carnauba wax, small candle tree wax, and paraffin oil. Waterproof mascara also contains an additional chemical. The product's soft, smooth surface is given by polydimethylsiloxane coolymer alcohol. It helps to keep shine and repels water. It is also used in mascara. It is inert and does not react to water, which helps keep mascara from smudging. Benefits of waterproof mascara Even in heavy rain, it doesn't smudge. All weather conditions are compatible Perfect for athletes. Perfect for swimming pools Even after many hours, it won't crack or fall off.
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